1. Infinity Foreign Remittance Management Software (IFRMS) – Agrani Bank Ltd. (Canada)
  2. Infinity Foreign Remittance Management Software (IFRMS) – Agrani Bank Ltd. (Australia)
  3. Infinity Foreign Remittance Management Software (IFRMS) – Agrani Bank Ltd. (Malaysia)
  4. Infinity Foreign Remittance Management Software (IFRMS) – Rupali Bank Ltd.
  5. Infinity Reconciliation Software (IRS)-Agrani Bank Ltd.
  6. Infinity Central Banking System (CBS) Bangladesh Development Bank Ltd.

Infinity Technology International Ltd (ITIL) was founded in November 1993 with its ambition of strengthening IT infrastructure in Bangladesh through providing its own developed latest Technology oriented user friendly, Optimum parameterized, secured IT applications, Confirmation of proper implementation of developed Solutions, Proper analysis of requirement and own creating skilled manpower in Bangladesh. Saving and earning foreign currency by Inventing and utilizing own products were one of ITIL’s major goal. Since its inception, a well-qualified Board of Directors highly educated in IT, Business and communication from USA, Australia and Bangladesh skilled management team has focused IT development in Financial Banking sector as a result Infinity Banking Solution (IBS) a real time, online Banking Solution has been introduced in the market since 1995. From 1995 until today ITIL has successfully installed over 1400 Branches of 7 different largest Bank in Bangladesh throughout the country.

Infinity Banking Solution (IBS) is fully integrated branch banking software developed locally by Desktop. This banking application software is currently running successfully at 1400 branches. Read More

"I Cash" An web based solution for Local and Foreign Remittance.The system is designed with features to support corporations which require multi-currency, multi-country operations. These features can be used at remote locations to collect remittances for foreign destinations.Read More

Infinity Mobile Banking services are built for (regional) banks, microfinance institutions, remittances, barter systems and complementary currency systems to stimulate local trade and development.Read More